Unified Planning Work Program - UPWP

The purpose of this Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is to describe all metropolitan transportation and transportation-related planning activities anticipated within the region during the year and to serve as a basis for federal funding assistance for transportation planning to state, local and regional agencies.


DRAFT Unified Planning Work Program for 2020-21

The DRAFT Unified Planning Work Program that covers the time period from April 1, 2020 thru March 31, 2021 (12 Months) is now available for 30-day public review.  Click on the links below to view a copy of the document and/or to comment. 

Click Here to View/Download the DRAFT 2020-21 UPWP in PDF Format.


Current Unified Planning Work Program for 2019-20

The type of work specified within this UPWP includes a summary of administrative, technical and transportation planning tasks to be performed by the WJCTC staff that will cover the period from April 1, 2019 thru March 31, 2020 (12 Months). The tasks detailed in this document will be conducted by staff working in the NYSDOT Region 7 Office of Planning and Program Management in Watertown, from Council members and their respective agencies, and from work carried out under contract with a consultant. The necessary funds that allow the Council to pursue the tasks listed in the UPWP are provided by the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration.